This strife of mine

I have experienced life

but mainly on the downside,

a life of hardship and pain

but I always rise up again,

for life is to be lived to the full,

even if your not sure you want to,

I keep things simple and plain

I will always be kind to you,

as long as you are civil to me

I wont crawl on bended knees,

to anyone who wants to be

acting superior over me,

for I believe we are all equal you see,

so if you are looking for someone to control,

you have picked the wrong person in me

and if think that you can

laud your wealth and possessions over me,

then you really do not know me at all.

I am a fair man,

I do what I can,

to help anyone stuck in a rut,

yes I am a good man

and I will do what I can

but I can only do and take so much,

so be kind to me

and i will be kind to you,

show me some respect

and I will give it right back in return,

because life is far too short,

to hold grudges or to retort,

in an angry way that leaves me phased

and ruins my whole day,

so despite the hardship

and despite all the pain,

I strive to be happy each day.

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