Golden summer sublime

Days of golden summer’s glow

A reprieve from wind, rain and snow,

Where lazing in a park

Resplendent and green,

Having barbeques after dark,

Were much the imagery of warm days

And bathing under the sun’s hot rays,

These are reminders of my childhood,

When days were long and times were good,

Climbing trees and grazing knees

We’re all a part of living the dream,

Drinking long cool drinks

And eating ice cream,

They were as idyllic as they seemed.

Still I make visits to the park

And eating barbeques after dark

But now I do it with my son

And watch him having the same fun,

We play football I push him on swings

We do all his favourite things,

For I want his childhood to be as good as mine

Still no money but it’s all fine,

Because money can’t buy that him and I time

Which are golden summer’s so sublime.

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