Irrelevant us

We are irrelevant

To those who rule,

Those who treat us all as fools

Making laws that are bad news,

Turning up the pressure

Turning the screws,

On people who now

Live out of food banks,

Work for years without any thanks,

Then thrown on the trash heap

When no longer any use,

This is how the system perceives me and you,

As something to exploit until no good

Pay us a pittance to buy some food,

While they get fat off of our sweat

They eat in restaurants and eat the best

And if you don’t feel irrelevant yet,

Believe me, this is often the best it gets.

They start wars and send us to die

Without a second thought in mind

And if you don’t see it you must be blind,

Look around you see the signs,

That we don’t matter for we are just fodder,

So we have to support one another

And band together and unite,

And show that we wont submit no more

Without putting up a fight.

Via: Daily Prompt: irrelevant

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