Nebula lagoon

Sitting on the edge of a nebula lagoon

Fishing for stars among the moons,

Watching the meteors as they go flying by

far distant the sun’s shining out pinprick light.

The swarm of far off galaxies

The rings of light of planets I see,

Colours if radioactive waves

Cast across the universe in a resplendent haze.

As multiverse dimensions beckons me

I take a stroll in between,

Like the cat that walked through walls

I walked through the cosmos to experience it all

And in a symphonic cadenza

I trip the light fantastic knowing,

There is no end to anything.

As I hear the energy sing

It brings me back internally,

To know that in conscious reality

We create everything we see,

Through our minds eye so beautifully

We can reside in the revelry.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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