Consciously assessed and focused

Consciously we assess

And spiritually we are blessed,

By understanding true reality

Pull back the veil and see beyond the dream.

It’s all our creation

We create it all within our minds,

The suffering, the anguish

And the fear of running out of time,

It is an illusion that drags us down,

For time is on nobody’s side,

live in each moment

and you will suddenly realize,

that if you show time no devotion

if you just accept it as an aside,

you will be alright.

Stay focused within you

and you will find the truth

And be spiritually renewed,

It’s the time to discover within you

That in Conscious reality you find truth

And when you understand this

Then you  understand, nothing can hurt you.

Let the fear go

And let your spirit flow,

Disconnect from ego

And shine bright,

Be the light,

Be the change

And bring the new golden age,

To dawn

And create a paradigm shift in these days

And just let your being show you the way

To love and truth.


Via: Daily Prompt: Focused

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