In need of inspiration

Another light goes out

Another inspiration goes,

Where have all the rebels

And the great philosophers gone.

Where are all the great writers of songs,

All of the authors that are legends still.

To many wanna be celebrities,

To many X Factor dreams,

Not enough creators

Of conscious magnitude,

Too many bankers and people who want to make it rich

And live life in suits,

Where are the lovers and the free minded

Because there are to few,

We need people who are attuned to,

The inspiration of the universe

And can bring something new,

Because this is what we need

And we need it real soon.

We need more dreamers,

We need more inspiring people,

More lovers of this life and this earth,

We need more people of greater worth,

We need people of great words

To be heard,

We need great poets armed with great prose and verse.

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