Down here, I hear echoes

We’re alone down here

Everything echoes,

It’s real dark down here

And so cold,

There is very little noise down here

Just the water dripping,

We are alone down here

Echoes rippling.

Cold streams of air whistle through

Nothing stirs and nothing moves,

We are alone down here

Echoes travel on the breeze.

It’s wet and damp down here

Water dripping off the walls,

Puddles everywhere on the floor,

I could see my breath

If it was not so dark down here,

We are alone down here.

Primordial and eerie

This is a place worth fearing,

When your alone down here

Echoes of of footsteps nearing,

A roaring sound and gnashing teeth

Come out of the ether from beneath,

And that’s it.

There is no one down here now

No echoes as the muffled screams subside

And the faint cries die,

Like everything else down here,

It’s still and nothing grows here,

It’s still like death here

Why don’t you come and see for yourself,

Come down here,

Are the words that echo.


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