Angry skies

There is a rumble on the horizon

I see the dark primordial skies,

Way off in the distance

There is going to be a storm tonight,

The air feels charged with electric

As the tensions start to rise,

Because everybody’s fearing

These angry skies tonight.

Strong winds with hurricane force

And the lashing of the rain

And the flooding that accompanies it

Makes us all fearful again,

The loud claps of the thunder

The lightening display,

Shows just how out climate daunts us in many ways

But right now we know and all we feel,

Is the power of these angry skies tonight.

It’s like a foreboding

It’s like a warning about how we live,

A demonstration of real power

That humbled us time and time again,

Darkness now surrounds us

And the weather is like a beast,

Ripping roofs off

Flooding houses and causing misery

But this is nature and our climate

In action at its great primordial worse,

Instilling fear upon us

Almost like an animal that is hurt,

It bites back as it seeks to protect itself

And bestows on us these scenes

Of dark angry skies tonight.

How much of this is man made

Many see the hand of man,

In the way the weather seems to have changed,

How much of these disasters

Have we brought down on ourselves,

When you live life recklessly

Exploiting Mother Earth,

You cannot be surprised

When our eyes behold,

These angry skies tonight.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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