A show of respect

They speak about disrespecting anthems

and respecting the flag

and I am not sure of all the fuss of whether you kneel or if you stand,

there are many people who are patriots

ashamed by their country acts,

and others who act like patriots who do these bad things way to much.

See anthems and the flags like borders

they are all man made,

designed to divide the people and keep dissension at bay,

it’s not about how the people act as much as your government acts

and we should feel proud about our rulers governance

but the truth is they are more slippery

and shadowy than most you will meet,

so does it really matter if your on your knees or on your feet,

it is far more about how you conduct yourself, for everyone else to see

and if you seemed to biased towards race, colour, gender  faith or sexuality,

then do not be surprised when those who feel second best

feel like they are oppressed

because fairness and equality,

should be the standard government should employ

so each of us feel a part of each nation

or else you will end up with a society that will one day just implode

in a crisis situation.


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