Get ready for launch

Today I sent for publishing

a book of poetry on Kindle,

my first ever attempt

and I hope that it causes a little ripple

and people enjoy what I write about enough

to give it a try,

it’s not something I thought I would ever do

more like things to do before you die,

that people never get around to,

but I have and it is scary,

the thought no one may buy or read it

leaves me a nervous wreck,

I am told it will take a short while until

I see it online,

so until then I think I may try to curl up and hide

and come out when it’s finally launched

and the jury comes back in

but in truth I hope those who take this route

find what I am doing inspiring,

for there are not enough books

about love and peace,

as well as covering environmental issues

and spreading spirituality in accordance to how it fits you.

So take a look if you can, I would truly appreciate that,

and hope you enjoy what I have written,

and maybe even comeback.


Via : Daily Prompt: Launch

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