Be open

An individual’s dialect

Does not define or reflect,

Anything in truth,

It says nothing about where they’ve come from

Or where there journey is taking them too

And if you judge people like this

Then I am sorry that says more about you.

The truth we are all unique

With our creative talents,

We all walk the same tightrope,

Trying to keep the balance,

Try not to judge to harshly

Try not to make a statement that defines you,

As ignorant or as a fool.

For everybody’s different

Ain’t no one the same,

We all work hard through life

And we’re all at a different stage,

Of being who we want to be,

Of seeing what we want to see,

Of achieving what we want to achieve,

Just keep the belief

And in time you will understand,

That when you try to judge or define

Others in a general way,

We are prone to making mistkakes,

So take people as you find them

And always be kind

And show them all of your compassion,

As well as every bit of your love,

And be open,

Show them your warmth,

And your best welcome.

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