Spiralling down

Can your hear the whispers?

Can you hear hear them filling your head

Until it’s ready to explode.

Can you feel the dark embrace?

Can you feel you lack a state of grace?

You’re in chaos and all over the place,

I can see how you’re trying to keep your panic at bay,

Can you feel the anguish rising?

Can you feel yourself Spiralling?

Down into the depths of despair

I can sense you heading there

And I will do what I can to save you

But you got to want to be saved in the end

And that’s the truth,

I can sense your heartbreaking,

Time and time again,

I will be there for you my friend,

On me can can depend

I will try to be your saviour

But you have got to reach out your hand

For me to grab it,

Can you understand?

Can you hear me?

Do not fear me?

I am your saviour,

I am not your enemy.

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