Dark room of whispers

She loved his tenderness

The attention he gave her,

The subtle way he undressed her

Kissed and tasted every inch of her flesh,

That almost sent her into madness,

That sparked her desire and passion,

She loved the way he made love to her,

The right amount of dominance,

The right amount of surrender,

The right amount of softness and roughness,

Balancing everything he did

To take her to the peak of her unbridled lust.

In this dark room of sexual whispers,

Of pleas and sighs and gratification,

Of full personification of what see wanted, what she needed,

Holding tight and feeling the flow

Of her energetic essence like she had never known.

In this place of whispers

Of fuelled and charged sexual

And sensual as well as spiritual energy,

She let her whole body and mind become unleashed,

In a form of impassioned release of everything within her being.

In the dark room of whispers

He left her to bask in the afterglow,

Still feeling his touch and smelling his scent,

As she text her husband to say that he had left,

So it was alright now to come home.

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