Free to be

Spiritually I am free

To be what I want

And to achieve

Anything that I believe,

Ain’t nobody stopping me,

I can be the light

And I can be the love,

I can be the mighty

I can be the dove,

Who offers to the world

The olive branch of peace,

I can be whatever I want to be.

You can be the darkness,

You can be the hate,

You can be the greedy,

Supporting the state,

I won’t stop you

If you want to be that way

But I will show you the benefits of living in grace.

We are all on our own journey

Travelling our own path,

Creating light,

Or living in the dark,

It’s not down to me to judge you

And whatever happens

I will respect you,

Even if I don’t agree

Because it’s your life to live freely,

Just treat me the same in return

And and we will live together her absolutely fine

And share with each other the thoughts of our conscious mind

And evolve together over time.

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