Witty me

Witty is something I try to be

it’s a concept not lost on me,

in a world that often seems dark and grey

laughter is the best way,

to release the pent up tensions

to deal with life when it get depressing,

helps me to nullify anger and aggression,

breaks the mood when we are stressing.

Never let a moment to be witty go by

never let the chance of laughter fade and die,

we all need to laugh a lot more

when you take a step back and take stock,

of life and how absurd it can be

it the worst fake reality,

many of the things that stress us out

when looked at closely are no doubt,

minuscule in the scheme of things

that we have blown up out of all proportion,

just keep your and keep on smiling

life is better lived when you are laughing not crying.


Via : Daily Prompt: Witty



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