Standing in defiance


We circle above the ground so high

Looking down on humanities plight,

Averice and gluttony in which some delight

As if in a mad race of an extinction flight,

Destroying everything that gets in their way

It’s a disgrace to live denying blame

But these people know no shame,

To interested in material gain

And trying to achieve some degree of fame,

To try to justify this ridiculous life

Where everybody keeps taking sides,

Like balance is something to be denied

And living to extremes is somehow right

But their actions cause war poverty and the plight,

Of those who starve in the third world And die,

Underneath a flag unfurled

And an anthem that is meant to control,

By men with no heart and no soul

I refuse to be a part of their insane fold,

I would rather stand out here in the cold

Then let me dignity and principles be sold,

I was created and shaped in a different mold

That I broke the moment I was born,

And decided I would stand defiant in the face of your storm.

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