I know a story of a bad man

Who got away with everything

And made people’s life hell

And enjoyed the thrill

And who wanted to control

Over those he knew

And even though intellectually challenged

Could manipulate those who chose

To stay within his toxic groove

Until he had hurt and abused them

More than they could take anymore

And many of us hoped that one day

Karma would even up the score.

What drives people to these extremes

Of being malicious, brutal and mean

I find this astonishes me

In fact i find it totally obscene

And though a hand of friendship was offered to him

He bit it because he didn’t understand

That his need to control

Was out of hand

This is the story of a malign man

He did anything to anyone

Because no one told him he couldn’t

Or made him understand

That the nature of his treatment of others was wrong

And that he too would suffer before to long.

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