Your silence is consent

Have you seen the people min the street, their faces etched with anxiety. Have you seen the worn clothes and shoes on their feet, these people appreciate any food they get to eat. Have you seen the hopelessness in their eyes, not a thing anybody can disguise, that lost look, they’ve given up. Down in life and down on their luck. Yet they are still human, still one of us, so how can we ignore them so much, is it the fear that you know that could be us, or is callousness, of which you have felt the touch of. Society should hold its head in shame, and we are equally go blame for allowing this to continue, our silence is seen as consent. It would be easy just to give these poor souls money and k ow that your guilt has been appeased but much rather we must address the real problem of creating a better fairer society, where we fill the cracks these people fall through and we send out a call, for equality and enough for all, I know this issue is very big for us all. But it needs to dealt with, it needs to be seen, as being an overhaul of our societies, for we should not be judged by the number of our richest people but by the number of people living on the street because that to me is a bigger statement of our societies and the world in which we live and our true spirituality.

2 thoughts on “Your silence is consent

  1. You’re right, our silence is consent, but I think the issues are a bit more complex sometimes. People can be unsure whether the homeless person asking for cash is actually homeless or actually needs money, and for what. Often that’s prejudice and lack of empathy, sometimes it’s bitter experience (for instance, my nephew knows a guy who routinely begs outside the supermarket but then goes home to his flat. The guy is known to beat up other homeless people who intrude on his patch.). So I guess sometimes people have their reasons for not being as compassionate as they should be. But you’re right – we can’t just close our eyes.

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  2. Well said. Connect the dots. They don’t start there. It is where some people intend for them to finish. Those keeping them there mostly wouldn’t last a week on the streets yet some manage to become experts.
    What industries have given the largest ROI’s over the last 400 years? Add it up

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