Defining my life

I can’t not help

It’s not in my nature

I just can’t stop caring

It’s part of my being.

I can’t stop loving

Or wanting peace

I wish I could sometimes

And feel the release

Of not caring about

Anything except me

Maybe then I would fit in to society

It’s not my way though

So there is nothing I can do

Sometimes I feel used and abused

I am not the smartest

So many look down on me

Many see it as opportunity

To exploit me

But that’s the way I am

And I guess its for a reason

I truly am a man for all season

My kindness and my servitude

It’s what people prey on most

And though I know this

I raise my glass in toast

And celebrate a life

Very ordinary.

I sometimes wish

That things were different

That I was more hungry

More vicious

And could get out there and achieve

Anything I want

But that’s not me

And so I don’t

I guess that why I got nothing but scars

And sit outside at night

Gazing up at the stars

Wondering and dreaming

Of how much better life could be

But at least I am living authentically

I know who I am

And I apply no fakery

I get what you see

And many say I am weak

But I am what I am

Take me or leave me

In the end

When life completed me

And I am laying on my bed

Taking my last breath

I will not dwell or regret

The dreamer that I am

Will be dreaming of whats to come

And this faith and spirit will keep me strong

This has not worked out fr me very well

Nothing about me or what I do excels

But I don’t give

On being loving

Or being kind

Even if to others it’s a waste of time

And in the end there are worst ways to be defined

So love and peace to you everyday

And please remain the authentic you in every way.

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