Love over all

I will always choose love

Over any other feeling,

I’d rather feel the warmth of love

Than the coldness of just having nothing but money,

I prefer to have someone

Deep within my heart,

Then having no one close

To hold onto in the dark,

For love is so much more

Difficult to attain,

For love is such a sweet

And beautiful refrain.

And it’s not easy to find,

A true love that’s defined,

Within the universe,

A twin flame in the heart, soul and mind,

For love is everything

And love is so much more,

Its been the muse for music,

Its been the reason for war,

Its inspired many of the greats,

It’s inspirational bliss and grace,

I’d rather not exist

Than not feel love in everyday,

I’d rather stay a poor man,

Than then not feel love in every way,

For love cannot be brought,

Its free to those who give away

Their heart to someone,

Who feels exactly the same.

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