Every breath

With every breath

We breathe out love,

Within every moment

We should feel compassion,

With ever word we speak

Those words should be kind,

These are actions that should define

Just how we should live our lives.

We need to show much we care

By showing our willingness to share,

We should embrace and accept

How others choose to live,

Without any judgement,

With every breath

Breathe out love

And let this define your beautiful touch,

On a world that needs a lot more light,

On world and a humanity

Suffering from insanity

And does not breathe out love enough,

That seems to lack compassion,

That has lost all it’s benevolence

And appears to know no tolerance,

That finds it easier to hate and kill then love.

So with every breath

Breathe out love,

With every thought

Think of peace,

We can create change if believe

That as a humanity

We can achieve,

A world of love kindness and of peace.

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