The struggle continues

Life is hard

Day to day

Living on a basic wage,

No luxuries

No not for me,

Pay my bills

And hope I have enough to eat.

Between to the monotony

Of paying bills and working

Even when life is really hurting,

As a family we try to have fun

And between us all we all share love.

We walk round supermarkets

Seeing many of the things we can’t afford

And my son he’s always asking

But I explain things and for six years old

He shows a wisdom and understanding,

Well beyond his years

He should not have to

But one thing he knows

More than anything else,

He knows he is loved and that we do our best

But sometimes it does not feel good enough for me.

We sit and we share fun

And we base life on appreciation,

Knowing there are others enduring worse plights out there

And we understand and care,

Gratitude is something we are happy to share.

But life can be hard when you are struggling each day

And see others doing so well

And you have get by

On your pittance of pay,

That barely covers all the bills

And the stress gets so bad it makes you ill

But you can’t give up,

So base your life on sharing love

And you hope to God that, that’s enough.

Hard times,

Hard life

But we will get there in the end

As long as we keep the faith in ourselves

And if we maintain our strong belief

That life will improve eventually.


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