Would it not be great,

if with everyone

if it became fashionable,

to turn our back on war

and focus on, the environment,

would it not be cool, if all people

decided to care for this world in which we live.


Would it not amazing, if other folk

turned their back on hate

and focused their time on peace and humanity,

where everyone in this world

who found themselves in need,

were actually helped

instead of patronized by those in government,

living out rich and affluent lives.


Fashions come,

fashions go,

I understand that’s how life flows

but I would like to finally see,

a fashion for love and peace

lasting eternally.


Would it not be wonderful,

if plastic was to go completely out of fashion

and alternatives sourced,

would it not be good

if all corruption was stopped

and people would not live in poverty anymore.


Would it not be a day to rejoice,

when people raised their voice

and turned on the conscious side of their brain

and questioned everything

and started some blue sky thinking

realizing the time has come for change.


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