Higher balance

We need to strive to find our higher balance

On a different frequency,

We need to find the passion that dwells

Within both you and me,

We need to find the light

And share the love,

So we can live a life refined

Exist in a world of impermanence

With consciousness in mind,

This is how I wish to be defined

By rich textures of my design,

I wish to eliminate the fear of time

Deep within the subconscious aligned,

With the domestication that was installed

I have struggled I have fought,

To find the answers everywhere

But now I know they are within us I swear,

So don’t hold back and never give in,

Find your higher balance

And let the frequencies in,

Let the light and the love begin,

For we are all creating everything,

Over time through our conscious minds

Impermanent by design,

Here for such a little while,

So be defined the way you wish to be

And set your soul, heart and body free,

Don’t restrict your self belief

Live your life on higher exulted frequencies.


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