The life of the negative mind

The negative mind

Is a cold dark place,

That lacks any real

Time and space,

For goodness to

Ever seep in,

Negativity is

Not your friend.

The negative mind

Is a mind in chaos,

It sees dead ends

Everywhere in life,

It always feels wrong

It can’t sense right,

Fails to grasp

The love and light.

So open up

Your mind,

Let it be

Redesigned and redefined,

Open up your

Chaotic mind

And I will try

To heal it

Over time

And I will

Show you how blind,

It can make you

To all that is good

And welcome you

To our positive


7 thoughts on “The life of the negative mind

  1. Important message, gently conveyed. I, however, believe there is a positive side of negativity, so long as one can vanquish it/rid the body and soul of it naturally without succumbing to its self-appointed power. One needs the dark to better appreciate the light.

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