The correlation of love and light

The correlation of light and love

In empty voids so passionate, sensual lust,

A lust for real knowledge

And a lust for the truth to know who we are,

To open our hearts,

To open our minds,

To know where and what resides devoid of time.

So show me the love,

And show me the light,

Give me the future,

To live as a blessing

And not one of a curse.

Show me the love and light,

Show me the potential,

As well as the might,

For we can be golden,

We can achieve a future that is bright,

We can be hero’s

Or we can just fade into the darkest waste,

For we are the guardians

And we are protecting a brand new age.

Show me love,

Show me light,

Show me a future,

That is bright.

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