Pointless sojourns

I travel to the universe

That we create within our minds,

I wonder what adventures

We are likely to find

But the universe has got nowhere to go

And has nowhere else to be,

Only us as human beings

Do we live so restlessly.

In our pointless sojourn throughout our lives

Hoping to discover or achieve,

All of life’s great answers and it’s mysteries,

Can be found right where we are

Etched within our design

And we can find the answers within,

They reside in our conscious mind

And we lose the sense of our impermanence,

When we lose our reality

And think that we have so much time until the end,

In this life of illusory

And become distracted by the things that matter,

A whole lot less

And find the route to insignificance

When it should be one that’s blessed.

We can travel from the heart

We can travel from the soul and the mind

Through the multiverse,

Within our conscious state of bliss

And define the reasons why we exist,

In this infinate universe of life.

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