The life of ivy

Let our world grow green

With pure love and verdency,

Let it grows like vines

And grows like wild ivy,

Holding on so tight

With tendrils of made of light,

Spreading over all the grey buildings standing tall,

And covering the rubble of all

Humanities mistakes,

Left over from the shame

Of all the war and hate.

Let ecology lead the way,

0To salvation not to graves,

To universal bliss

Not a dead end existence,

Let nature lead the way,

Enviromentally we will be saved

And let ecology allow us to create,

A future that is great

Not that ends in mass graves.

As the ivy covers all,

humanity will seem so small,

Set against this green verdant sea

Washing over you and me,

We see,

Ecologly lead the way to more peaceful loving ways,

Instead of to our graves

As humanity fades away.

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