Wired into a frequency

Of unconditional love,

A vibration flowing through me

I feel it in the touch,

Of everyone,

I come undone

When I see those I love being harmed,

It flays the flesh right from off my bones

I feel a sense that I am not alone,

In my feeling of this wrong, that’s being done,

To those people I love

As I feel their touch.

This feeling of a need to protect,

Washes over me and what is left

Is a sense of indignation and regret,

Then time after time we have to witness this,

That suffering and brutality exists

And that wars are funded much more,

Than health, peace and building a world

In which everyone can live united in,

Unconditionally loving,

Sharing and caring in,

Even when we have nothing.

But knowing that we are building something good,

Not just for now

But for future generations,

It’s time for change,

In humanities name,

In loves name,

As part of creations aim,

We must be

The love and light,

For all to see unconditionally.

Universal equality,

We need to show a lot more love,

Where’s your compassion?

It’s time to bring about peace,


Both you and me,

Shining bright,



For eternity.

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