The rains

Rain runs like rivers down our streets

It never used to be like this

But now the rains come all the time

And flood out town.

They say there is no such thing as climate change

But all it ever seems to do now is rain,

The temperatures milder,

Very rare is there snow,

Far less hot days,

Less icy cold,

Just rain

And floods,

That’s all we get,

Not much more,

Not much less,

Don’t tell me this is not climate change,

I’ve had enough of all this rain

And witnessing the floods,

Ruining lives,

Washing away people dreams,

Leaving them in desperation,

Leaving them in anticipation,

Because of the rains

And when the rains come,

Will their lives be undone

Because of the rain,

And this is driving me insane.

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