Night out

He saw her and decided

She would be his woman tonight,

Her hair long

Her dress short and tight,

Sexy and hot

She was just right.

She condescended

To let him take her home,

He worked out

Muscles toned,

She gave him a smile

As they entered his flat,

After that everything went black.

When he woke up

He was upside down,

Hanging in some sort of cocoon

And she was sitting there

Only in her underwear,

She still looked so good,

She still looked so hot,

But this he expected, not.

Then she stood and walked over

Felt his muscular naked form,

She said ‘you could be the best yet,

You will taste too good to resist.’

Then her eyes changed into diamonds

And her skin turned to scales

And as she prepared to consume him,

He thought it is not meant to be this way,

This wasn’t the way his weekends played,

And a smile on her face broke her lips,

‘This is for those women who tried to resist.

This is for those young girls you raped

But twisted it to make it seem like they were to blame.’

Then she consumed him over time,

Slowly enjoying devouring his body and mind

It was no until the very end he died,

Of this she was satisfied.

Then she dressed and she left,

Preparing for her next meal

Next weekend.

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