Mirror image

She stared in the mirror trying to see beyond herself, trying to see ghosts of loved ones passed, hoping to connect with the world of spirits. She had tried this so many times without success. She felt it unlikely to work now. But she kept on trying. Leya was a woman know for her stubbornness and was unyielding in her pursuits of discovering new things. Her dark red hair and pale skin accentuated by her deep red lipstick and strong cheekbones gave her a beautiful but quirky look. Her style was gothic clothes as was her thinking. For hours she sat in dim light hoping for something but nothing occurred. She had read that mirrors were a good medium for seeing spirits. After a period of time Leya decided to call it a night, as she turned to walk away, she noticed a delay in her reflection moving. Then she saw behind a figure, a man of some considerable size walking up behind her reflection. He bent down and placed his face next to her reflected face. His eyes were black, his face white, gnarled and distorted, his lips blood red which drooled, he bared his black rotten teeth. ‘Need company bitch’ the man slavered, scared witless but not willing to show it she walked back to the mirror and leant forward, ‘spirits only, demon. You are not welcome here.’ Her reflection sat motionless and mute. ‘Then maybe this little birch here will suffice to keep me satisfied for a while.’ As He spoke he stroked the side of her face before licking the side of her face with his tongue. Let’s continued to smile, fine by me feel free, ‘ She is after all just a reflection of me. An illusion. Not real.’ The demon pondered this and the more he thought on this the angrier it seemed to make him. ‘Maybe I call your bluff and abuse her body, then rip her heart out. See if it doesn’t affect you then.’Let’s beckons him forward to the mirror, smiling a dark lescivious grin. It was then Levya reached in through the mirror grabbing him by the throat in a vice like grip. Her reflection then stepped behind and enveloped him in it. The reflection then run her hands over his chest. In a moment of exhortation the reflection ripped open his chest and Leya plunged her hand in and ripped out the demons heart. The demon screamed out as this happened but it was powerless to stop them. ‘Look into my eyes demon. Know that I am the demon slayer,’ she then opened the dressers draw below the mirror and placed the demons heart in there with a collection of others. The reflection dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Both Leya and her reflection walked off out the room. As they did other demons appeared, wailing over their lost brethren. Then a more fearsome shadowy figure appeared. In a rumbling voice of malcontent and malice it spoke, ‘war it is then slayer. Demons go feast on all souls until you find hers, then bring it to me to feast on.’ With that the room was suddenly empty again.

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