Hold your inner faith

Hold your faith

And keep your head,

Always believe in yourself,

If you don’t who else will?

I see the light within you still.

Be the compassion,

Be the love,

Because what you are it is enough

And it doesn’t matter what others have to say,

As long as you love life your way,

As long as you stay true to you,

Your dreams and faith will see you through.

So never give up believing

Always stay strong,

For there is no sense in retreating

And giving up on everything

And allowing others to shatter your dreams,

It’s a long hard road

And you’ve away to go,

It’s one you may have to travel alone

But in the end you will shine bright as a star,

And in the end it will define how strong you are,

It will feel so good when you succeed

So never falter and give up on the dream

And never surrender you self belief.

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