I don’t want to rant

They say my words are angry

They say my poetry are rants

But I try to get across a message

That all can understand

And softly, softly does not always work

People need a shake to wake up

Sometimes you have to shout it out

For others to see the dangers facing humanity

We are all just sleepwalking to a fatal destiny.

Doom and gloom you say

That’s all I spread

That’s not the case

But it has to be said

The world’s in danger

From climate change

And from the nuclear threat

And the world leaders who are deranged

I will take no joy

In the words

I told you so

I want to get you motivated

To dig us out of this hole

As one united human race

Taking back our world

And starting to face

The issues and problem on head long

And build a future that is safe and strong

Nurture a planet worth living on

So excuse me if my words come across too strong

But this state of emergency has persisted to long

Wake up and act and be the change

Then maybe my message will reflected in a more positive way,

Maybe when we do something

To put and end to suffering

I may not have rant and rage

As we move in to a golden age

A paradigm shift

Where humanity has changed

And light and love now lead the way.

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