She was loyal and got nothing back

Affection was something she lacked

She desired it but he gave her none

Treated as if she had lost his love.

She tried to tell him

She tried make it clear

That she needed more than a life of tears

She wanted to feel warm embraces

Not shattered emotions

And a love emaciated.

She missed the passion

She missed the heat

Of burning hot love

That was so exquisite

She missed the feel of a sensual touch

She wanted to feel love and lust so very much,

So is it any supprise she lays her now

Breathing fast and heavy

Sweating and worn out

From making love with a guy that showed her desire

And ignited her heart and rather body on fire.

Where had being loyal got her in the end

Taken for granted and in a dead end

Relationship with someone

Wh never showed that they really cared

So she did the one think she never dared

Thought she would do with anyone else

But that’s what happens when show you care less

No supprise she did what she did

And I ain’t lying when I say she loved it.

Via:Daily Prompt: Loyal

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