We feel so much sometimes

It leaves us raw and blind,

To other things around us going on,

Sometimes our focus is so intense

We lose our sight of everything,

Except the focul point of what we have become attached too.

Sometimes for the good of ourselves

We have to let go a bit of what we desire and want so much,

At times we have to find a way to open up our eyes and our mind,

To things we shut out,

To things we feel we need not care about,

Sometimes we may find that the things we seek

Are in the places we least expected them to be.

Sometimes we have let go a little bit,

Sometimes we have to widen our eyes

And out experiences,

Sometimes because we feel so much,

Its easy to lose touch,

Of everything else outside of this.

At times our focus can be to intense,

Sometimes we have to focus on something different.

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