Never surrender

Never surrender your beliefs

focus on yourself mindfully

find the core of your tranquility

be the very best that you can be

and let your mind and soul be free

let your heart open to all things

allow your conscious state to grow

never fear about growing old

and remain young at heart

forever eternal young we are

watch the sun set then watch it rise

see the beauty before your eyes

and tell me life is not a miracle

that it’s not the greatest experience of all

breathe it in and breathe it out

live your life without any doubt

that you are amazing

and life is worth living

be kind and forgiving

be your own reason to believe in.

For everything you are you create

so create yourself a a place

where inner peace and harmony arise

live each day like it’s your last reprise

and you will be supprised

how this can enrich your life.

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