Be brave enough to live

Be brave enough to live

never give up on life

it takes a strong and sturdy heart

to keep the faith and not to cry

but I am not afraid to cry

yet to still stay stong

I have to convince myself to carry on

at times when I think will it matter at all

if I am here or not

do i make a difference?

would I be missed?

but then I remember life is a miracle

not to be taken for granted at all

it’s a blessing not a curse

even when feeling pain and hurt

its still a wondrous thing is living

no matter how bleak things may see

it takes a brave soul to live well

when you surrender

you lose yourself in a trapped hell

so keep the self belief and know

all will one day be well

so don’t ever retreat in your shell

and hide away

or let your light go out.


Via: daily Prompt: Brave

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