Unwelcome advances

Brutish men think they can force their libido

On what they perceive as weak and vulnerable women

But when they do this they define themselves

As desperate and insecure men

Feeling they need to exert

And hold power over the feminine

As though this will create a strong impression of them.

If a woman makes it clear and offer advances

The go ahead but be a gentleman that’s what my stance is

But if no invite and no encorougement is given

Keep your self at a respectable, acceptable distance

Don’t intimidate them by towering or forcing yourself

To close to them

Women deserve respect

So don’t be harassing them.

Men get a bit of money

Or they get a bit of power

Think they big men

But they are simply arrogant

Look in the mirror

Are you really such a catch

Take away the fame, power and cash

What are you left with after that

A pathetic little man

Putting on a sad little act.

Grow up and respect women.

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