All for them and nothing for us

Politics is a social construct

To keep us all divided,

It’s much harder to rule a humanity

That is united,

Left wing, right wing

It’s all boring,

Your buying into the illusory,

They’re to busy enriching themselves

To care about you and me,

Be good little boys,

Be good little girls

And tow the systems line

And trust us when we say you’ll be rewarded

Somewhere down the line,

When are you going to realise this is all a lie,

Whoever you vote for you get the same

And all sides resist change,

Because the system as it stands right now

Benefits them time after time

And they work hand in hand with corporations

Who also prosper like the media from this systematic design

And if you think it does anything for you

Then you are truly out of your mind

And if you think they are building a fairer society for you

Then you truly must be blind.

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