Ripple through you

There is a ripple through the air,

A ripple through the water,

It all started as a simple ripple ought to,

It started If like a vibration

Slowly increasing in force,

Pushing back at anything

That gets in its way.

There is a ripple in the air,

There is a ripple through the water,

I sense a ripple in the atmosphere,

One that you brought with you,

I feel the force is building up

I sense the tension in you,

I wish that I knew how to calm you,

Wish I knew how to heal you.

I just wish I could send a ripple of happiness through out you,

Send a ripple of a smile across those lips,

Those anyone would love to kiss.

I hope I can send

A ripple of love through you,

A ripple of passion and unconditional

Inner peace and compassion

Right the way through you in truth,

With light and kindness,

Riding the ripples of the wave that will move you.

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