Love under will

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She was in love under his will,

he determined everything in her life,

how to look and dress,

how to act and what to say,

she thought that he knew best,

he treated her as if he owned her body, mind and soul,

to be fair she got off on being taken and controlled,

she was in love under his will.

He used and abused her

acted out all his fantasies,

on what he thought a woman should do

and exactly how to please,

he got her doing things

he knew other women may never do,

he kept her on a short lease

and would never her let her loose

and although I think this unusual

and that she should surly try to break free,

she would simply smile and while ignoring me would say

‘That I am in love under his will’.


Image couretsy of Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Love under will

  1. really like the idea of poem…. it’s really disturbing how people (not specifically women) let others control and abuse their life and actually enjoy the feeling ( Stockholm syndrome)…. but i think at some point they do try to bring them out of that misery but submit soon realizing that they are too weak to fight it… so instead of struggling they start to enjoy it ….. it’s really disturbing

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