Not good enough

He released her

far to easy,

he said she ‘wasn’t good enough’

can you believe this,

she was finer

so why undermine her?

he was nothing to write home about himself,

he thought he was god’s gift,

thought he was amazing

but if he had a crystal ball to gaze in,

he would have seen

how she would grow,

how she would flourish in ways he could never know,

hampered by ego

and disrespect,

this man could barely take a step

without looking like he was clueless,

now free of him I hope she does not rue this,

lucky she was to get away.

This man was playing a stupid playground game,

thinks he can do much more better,

truth is he is nothing but a lecher

and one day he will see her again,

and he will realise what exactly got away

and if he tries to get her back,

she will tell him

‘your the kind of stain I should not let back’

and as she shines a light

and sparkles with delight

he will have to live with the regret of what he lost

and that through his own stupidity and disrespect

he will have to pay the cost,

of having lost out on a being far more beautiful

than he could ever dream of being,

now released and free

she is flying high on wings of filigree,

lighting up the lives of all she touches

a wonderful enchantress of humanity.


Via Daily Prompt: Released


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