Fear nothing

Fear of the unknown

Is something that can grow,

Through seeds that others sow

When their morals go to low,

Then we start to doubt everyone

And when that happens fear then flows

And we lose the resonating glow

Of a soul that’s been bestowed,

With love and light through bliss

As if it has been kissed,

By transcending the cosmic

As universal existence,

That keeps fear at a distance

And puts up a shield of resistance

And by loving in unconditional persistence,

We can abate that feeling of fear

So it no longer hovers near,

We need to to find a way that’s clear

And hold our humanity dear,

So we can banish fear from our lives

And transform the dark into light,

So that existing can be s soulful delight,

Rather than a fearful and unpleasant plight.

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