I am over you

You look at me

With eyes of scorn

And I feel my hearts

Been torn apart

But you need to know

That I am over you.

And though you tried to

Break me down

I soon found

That I could work

My way through the pain

By refusing to succumb to blame

And ignoring your hurtful games

And reflect back onto you the shame

Of trying to damage my self belief

But the significant thing that I believe

Is that I am over you

And that’s the honest truth.

That though once I cared for you

I had to let go and move

In to a healthier time and place

And into my own safe space

Of healing all my scars

And expressing my love so far

That I feel I am among the stars

While you are still on the ground

Focusing in your negative ways

Which is really not the way I want to spend my days

And maybe that is why I say

That I am now over you.

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