Strange days indeed

Strange days indeed

As we find ourselves in need,

Of the most basic things,

We quiver and quake

Half asleep and half awake,

Thinking ideas half baked,

Stepping between dreams

Make no mistake,

There is a lot more

Than you realise at stake,

Geometric fractals

Shaped as snowflakes,

Falling round my head

Keeping me awake,

Fire blazing keeping the wolves at bay,

Mountains shade my vision

And hinder my way,

Ready for the climb

We need to reach the peak,

These ranges are so tall

Yet I am so meek,

Time to test myself

Time to rise to the challenge

But I feel so alone

So hurt and so damaged,

In a wasteland

Where creatures want to feast on me

And in between the cracks of my dreams,

The only salvation is my belief

In my spiritual, conscious reality,

Which will see me through

And bring me home,

Ground my essence back

Within the safety zone,

Once I’ve reached the peak of the unknown

And I have felt my soul

Help me grow,

Into dimensions that are fluid and flow,

Crossing multiverses

Mind is nearly blown,

Learning about life

In the universal, cosmic home,

Just remember to let go

And let everything you know

Has been put to question,

Not because it’s wrong or right

But just because the seed of knowledge has been sown

And the world as you know it is ready now to implode,

In a visceral overload,

That’s fed by creation

Straight into your conscious living state,

I am asleep

Or am I awake

Within this alien landscape.

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