Untold pain

Viscid, murky

Putrid, dirty

Signs of life

Are hard to find

In what is left

Through our design

Created by the

Untrained mind

That left trails of

Such destruction

Through its own

Selfish construction

That too no need

Of anything else

Driven by dreams

Of economic wealth

And carried out

With precision and stealth

Never mind

The planets health

Corporate cesspool

Leaves us all

Wallowing in shit

But we followed

Like fools

Towing the line

Going along with it all

Then it all began

To stammer and stall

Began to tell apart

As it always does

Lacking consciousness

Devoid of love

It lost its peace

Which became

And it dissolved

Into aspects

That we are unknown

Exploding and imploding

In various forms

A society of beings

To be scorned

Took everything

They needed

And flushed it

Down the drain

Causing untold

Amounts of suffering

Untold amounts of pain.

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