Give their spirit space to breathe

Freedom of the soul

Leads to expansion of the spirit

Love will never flourish

When you set of them limits

When your jealousy and ego

Holds another being down

When you lock them in a gilded cage

Or smother and suffocate them until they drown

In the misery of you stiflement

They will learn resentment

So let them go

Let them be free

Express themselves on angel wings

Let them fly and touch the sky

And you my friend will find

They show more love

And respect to you

Base your love in honesty and truth

Let them know

That all they do

Is always going to be right by you

More so if they share the truth

Then know one else can hurt you

Know one else can damage the love you share

And they will always be with you

Because you care

Enough to let their should be free

Enough to allow their spirit space to breathe.

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