Queen of Sheba

Damn you are so fine

Classy by design

Silky skin so brown

Let me into you and drown

Your suppleness in motion

The beauty that you are

Carribean spice

Shining like the brightest star

Wearing clothes to thrill

With s body that could kill

A wisdom of an ancient soul

There are stories to be told

I bet you were once the Queen of Sheba

You have that grace and strength about you

I love your funny sense of humour

And your caring attitude

You put people in their place if they get up in your face

You’re sensual

And with grace

Making love to you takes anyone to a spiritual place

Of frequencies on high

I am not going to lie

I’d love to savour that flavour

I’d love to simply try

To drink and taste your essence

To gain that amazing high

You are eloquence in my vision

You’re always on my mind

You’re a special kind of spirit

That leaves me so enticed.

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