Artistic urban woman

Flashing the flesh: Cara Delevingne showed off her sideboob in a new shot for the PUMA Do You Campaign


She had her own identity

in her crop top and blue jeans,

urban woman with an urban look,

down to earth and an amazing style,

she was rebellious in every way

made her thoughts known

and did not hesitate.

Not just beautiful but smart as well

totally a woman no longer a girl,

she loved her music, loved her art,

she had what I would describe

as an open heart,

welcomed all in and showed them love,

made her vulnerable and was hurt so much,

but she never thought of shutting the door on love,

for it was something she could never get enough of,

regarded herself as off the wall,

he compassion was massive and her ego small,

she resonated peace which came from her soul

to be aware and enlightened that was her goal,

she was amazing, beautiful and as smart as can be

she is the artistic urban woman of fine beauty.


Via: Daily Prompt: Identity

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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